White Papers and Case Studies

If your business markets its products/services to other businesses, take a look at the great return on investment white papers can bring you.

Whitepapers allow you to enlighten, teach and influence your prospects.

Whitepapers can (and do):

  • Boost sales
  • Increase your lead generation
  • Grow your prospects’ and customers’ belief and confidence in you

Yet writing white papers takes considerable time and effort. There’s research to do. Interviews to conduct. Statistics to collect and verify. Not to mention the actual writing and editing of the whitepaper.

This is where the Content Scribes can help by writing your whitepaper following proven techniques and strategies that will help your business get the right kind of attention from the right type of prospects.

A whitepaper is factual in nature. It’s not hyped-up hyperbole. It should position your company and/or your products and services as the go-to solution to your prospects’ problem(s) and it should do so with well-researched information and engaging writing.

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Case Studies: Harness the Power of Social Proof And Help Your Prospects Buy

Case studies are testimonials on steroids — in a good way.

They take actual problems of your clients and report in detail on how your products or services helped solve those problems. Publish case studies regularly and your prospects will take note as your customers reveal how your company provided them with excellent and quantifiable results. Your prospects read case studies with an open mind because these short reports aren’t filled with sales pitches and sales-y exaggeration.

But, like white papers, creating a case study isn’t easy or quick: you must take the time to interview your clients, know the right questions to ask in order to get to the meat of the client’s problem and how your company solved it. Then there’s the actual writing of the case study, followed by making sure your prospects know it exists (promoting the case study).

The Content Scribes will create your company’s case studies for you. We do all the work but you get all the great results!

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