News Release Writing

“Personally, I think this [press release] is fantastic. Best blurb I’ve read in a while. Great job. Run with it!”

News releases build up links to your website from other websites. Links from other websites to your website means higher rankings in search engine results.

While writing a news release and then distributing it to paid and free news release distribution sites also may help the chances of the news news media picking up the release and publishing it in mainstream media, you never need to receive a phone call from a reporter or editor to enjoy the considerable benefits news releases provide:

A well-written news release CAN appear on the first page of Google’s search results in a matter of hours, if not days!

Why?Because Google considers news releases to be based on facts and be newsworthy, not promotional in nature. Google thus considers them to be high-quality and informative content.

But you need to write a great news release. What’s more, for best results, you should write and distribute on at least monthly. They also should include relevant keywords and be formatted properly for distribution to paid and free release distribution channels. Release topics are pretty easy to find

The Content Scribes is headed by Jean Henshaw, a former journalist. Several of our writers also are former journalists. So we know how to write news releases to ensure they’re not only newsworthy, but engaging and interesting to read.

These are just a handful of reasons to issue a press release. For best results, plan to issue at least one press release per month.

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