E-book and Report Writing

There’s no expert like the expert who writes a book.

There’s absolutely nothing like having your by-line on a book or e-book to give you instant expert status.  Where once you were just “another” sales person, your book’s by-line raises the esteem your prospects hold for you or for your business ten-fold — and instantly!

An e-book of even just 50 or so pages can help you become an expert in your prospects’ eyes.

You may hem and haw that you are no expert, but we would soundly disagree. If you run a business, if you’re the person in charge, you’re an expert.

A book or e-book will, almost instantly:

  • Give you expert status in the eyes of your prospects.
  • Help you attract higher paying clients. That is, they come to you.

If you don’t feel comfortable having an e-book with your byline, your e-book can be “by” your company.

Use your e-book as:

  • “Leave behinds” after calling on potential customers.
  • Offer it for free as a download on your website, t
  • Send it to current customers as a thank-you gift.
  • Offer it to members of the media — you could soon be thought of as the go-to expert for news stories

Yet writing a book or e-book is time consuming. Even the best of intentions to sit down and write can be derailed quickly as you run your business.

Instead, let the professional writers at Content Scribes write your book or report for you. Whether you want to write a short, 10-page report or a 200-page tome, we can do it all: research, interviews, writing, editing, formatting, etc.

Learn more about our e-book and report writing services.


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