“If you need copy and content that actually engages and informs your prospects and clients, you need to contact Jean.”

Imagine a website without content.

Pretty empty.

Yet without the right kind of content your website could still be “empty,” even if it’s filled with text, video and photos.

What your website needs and deserves is well-written original content that’s engaging, informative and that helps sell your product or service.

Content Scribes provides Web and marketing content that’s useful, well-researched and – most importantly – converts readers into followers and buyers.

No matter how well-designed your website, no matter how great your product or service, without good writing you’re, well…sunk.

Too many websites are filled with bad content. Plagiarized from other sites. Gone too many times through a content spinner. Grammatical errors and misspellings up the wazoo.

And perhaps the worst thing of all – boring, boring, boring!

If you’re tired of writers who don’t “get it,” if you’re through paying good money for – let’s be real here – crappy writing, if you’re ready to work with an experienced, professional Web content and marketing writer….contact  Jean Henshaw today at 610-698-7225 or via e-mail  at Jean@content-scribes.net.

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